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We offer contemporary web design that is unique, professional, and affordable. Using CSS, PHP, Flash, and Vector based graphics, we have an unparalleled design process that puts us ahead of the competition.
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Our key to success in graphic design is research. With the world of digital media changing at a rapid pace, our designers spend hours online discovering the latest trends in graphic design.
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Unlike other design firms, we have marketing specialists that correlate with our designers to provide high class - yet affordable - marketing campaigns and advertisements.
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bambooHosting™ offers lower pricing than conventional hosting providers, enabling us to provide custom packages to our website clients. If you want plain hosting, then:
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"I contacted Bamboo Designs in 2008 with the intention of creating a new website. I didn't know much about websites at the time, and the designer assigned to me was patient and very helpful!"
-Cynthia Anderson

At Bamboo Designs, we just don't design websites. We tell a story. We read into your company's history, your current state in the market, and where your ambitions plan to lead you. We find your story, even if you don't know it - and we make sure that story shines through your site. Our team of designers come a variety of backgrounds, providing a dynamic spectrum upon which we base our talent. We engineer and create the site that best fits your company, and we'll prove it to you.
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How do we do it?

Bamboo Designs™ has developed a web design strategy that we have implemented across a number of projects. Our key point to success is our communication methods. We keep you involved as we go through our design process, ensuring you have your input in every element of the design. Don't know what you want? That's alright! We have databases of websites for you to look through to identify the theme, color, style, and layout of your website.

Unique Designs

At a Bamboo Designs™, we ensure that each product we create is unique and original. We do NOT sell templated designs, as we feel every company is different - and so should your website be. We build your site from the ground up, ensuring each element matches your company's story perfectly.

It's a Collaboration!

One key benefit we have at Bamboo, is the diversity of our talent base. We have designers from a variety of backgrounds, as well as photographers, 3D animation specialists, "photoshop-guru's", and marketing specialists. This array of talent allows us to collaborate our abilities to pull upon resources within the company - rather then outsourcing work.

Web Design Services

At Bamboo, we use state of the art technologies to make sure your site stays contemporary. Currently, our designers can provide the following services:
  • Flash Based Website Design
  • Vector Based Graphic Inclusion
  • PHP Web Development and Programming
  • Custom CSS Layouts
  • Online Purchasing and E-Commerce
  • Content Management PHP Based Systems
  • Dynamic Photo Galleries
  • Hand Coded HTML
  • Website RE-design
  • Stock Photography
  • Color Theory Design Consulting
  • Flash Introdutions
  • Javascript Widgets
  • Movie & Video Media Inclusion
  • And much more! Contact for a more detailed description of our web design services.

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