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We offer contemporary web design that is unique, professional, and affordable. Using CSS, PHP, Flash, and Vector based graphics, we have an unparalleled design process that puts us ahead of the competition.
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Our key to success in graphic design is research. With the world of digital media changing at a rapid pace, our designers spend hours online discovering the latest trends in graphic design.
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Unlike other design firms, we have marketing specialists that correlate with our designers to provide high class - yet affordable - marketing campaigns and advertisements.
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bambooHosting™ offers lower pricing than conventional hosting providers, enabling us to provide custom packages to our website clients. If you want plain hosting, then:
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"I contacted Bamboo Designs in 2008 with the intention of creating a new website. I didn't know much about websites at the time, and the designer assigned to me was patient and very helpful!"
-Cynthia Anderson

Whether you need webspace for your website, file storage, or email, we can look after it for you! We take an "Apples and Oranges" philosophy to all of our business relationships - we will handle whatever your needs are, and make sure we have the capacity for all aspects of your design package, not just the apples (website) or oranges (hosting) of the digital world.

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Bamboo Hosting™ is in the process of launching its own website that will address all information about our hosting solutions. Until then, fill out our Contact Form to ask any questions you may have about our hosting.

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We can offer hosting as a standalone package, or combined with our website design. The rates are custom tailored based on needs. Contact for more information.