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We offer contemporary web design that is unique, professional, and affordable. Using CSS, PHP, Flash, and Vector based graphics, we have an unparalleled design process that puts us ahead of the competition.
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Our key to success in graphic design is research. With the world of digital media changing at a rapid pace, our designers spend hours online discovering the latest trends in graphic design.
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Unlike other design firms, we have marketing specialists that correlate with our designers to provide high class - yet affordable - marketing campaigns and advertisements.
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bambooHosting™ offers lower pricing than conventional hosting providers, enabling us to provide custom packages to our website clients. If you want plain hosting, then:
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"I contacted Bamboo Designs in 2008 with the intention of creating a new website. I didn't know much about websites at the time, and the designer assigned to me was patient and very helpful!"
-Cynthia Anderson

In a world where the design trends change on a monthly basis, it is a struggle to stay relevent and contemporary in the market. A good logo, proper print materials, and effective stationery is a must for any business looking to impress their clients. This is where Bamboo Designs™ comes in.
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What's the big deal?

Many of our clients don't understand the importance of quality graphic design in their advertising. When we are faced with this predicament - we use the following illustration. When doing a random search on Google, we came across two logos:

Example 1: Bad Design

This logo exhibits qualities that are NOT desirable in a logo. Here is a list of things that are wrong with this logo:
  1. Poor Use of Color - The colors in this logo are not attractive, and do not mix well in this setting.
  2. Gradient Usage - The blending of colors in the background is a poor choice for logos (makes it difficult for compatibility, merchandise, etc.).
  3. Bevels - It's a well known "no-no" to use bevels (Illusion of 3-D Text) in logos.
  4. Distorted Backgoud - The image of the earth in the background is squeezed together - looking unprofessional.
  5. Text Flow - there is no flow amongst the text. The eyes are lost after the RBG bridging into the White text.
  6. Logo Shape - Although circle applications are popular, this layout does not look attractive.

Example 2: Good Design

Now this logo, on the other hand, displays all that is desirable in a logo. Here is what this logo does well:
  1. Great Use of Color - the colors are soft on the eye, and compliment each other nicely.
  2. Simplicity - the logo is immediately noticeable, and the company name is clear.
  3. Font Compliment Each Other - the fonts are smooth, anti-aliased, and vector based. They are clear and match well with each other.
  4. Logo Image - the image of the cherries is simple yet attractive, using color that will cause the mouth to water.
  5. Logo Shape - the shape of the logo yields many applications, and allows the viewers eye to flow from top to bottom.
  6. The Design Process

    Alot of work goes on behing the scenes when designing a logo for a company. Font selection. color selection, layout, image, shapes, and lines are just some of the elements that need to be carefully planned. Bamboo has designers that stay up to date on the latest trends in logos, while ensuring that they remain timeless. All logos are designed with a story in mind, and the final product always ensures to give a positive impression for your company.

    Print and Stationery Design

    In a business, the application of your corporate identity is crucial. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your identity needs to be shown as often as possible, in as many applications as possible. Print and Stationery are excellent media through which this can be accomplished. The following is a list of services we provide:
    • Corporate Identity Consulting
    • Graphic Design and Re-Design
    • Business Card Design
    • Letter Head and Envelope Design
    • Advertisement Design
    • Magazine and Brochure Design
    • Check Out the Blog!

      Check out our blog for more information on graphic design, as well as view some popular articles on graphic design that we have come across in the past!